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samedi 11 février 2012

Poor Man’s Truffles...

It’s easy to go and buy something in a shop for Valentine’s Day. And very nice, to get an pretty box with something sparkly. But sometimes, it’s nice to get something that cost more time, than money.

For the chocolate loving Swede, these are childhood memories, in the form of a coconut or pearl sugar covered ball. They are easy and messy to make, perfect for anybody over the age of 4. You have to use a mixer, unless you are seriously into self-flagellation or need a forearm workout.

Ingrédients :
100 g Butter (Not too cold, but absolutely no soft),
3 dl Caster sugar,
3 dl Oats of any kind,
3 tbsp Cocoa,
3 tbsp cold, strong coffee/Bailey’s/Arrac… whatever you wish,
1 tbsp Vanilla sugar,
Pearlsugar, desiccated coconut, sprinkles, finely chopped nuts or sesame seeds to roll them in.

Mix all until it’s a homogenous batter.
Roll small (think one bite) balls with slightly damp hands and roll in the covering of your choice.
Keep in a cold place.
They’ll keep until at least the best before date of your butter!
They look very pretty in a cellophane bag, with a bow, to go with the nice card you got your Valentine. Or in a pretty box.
As before mentioned, it’s pretty messy, which is why I have (girl) friends who will forego the whole rolling bit, and just eat the mixture straight out of the bowl. With a spoon of course, so not to get their hands dirty!

Enjoy !

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